Start something.

A fire. A party. A conversation. A tradition. Whatever you’re starting, we’ve got just the
thing to add a little warmth and brightness. We fashioned an outdoor-loving, hot-rolled
steel firepit that a dummy could put together (tested by three founding dummies). It’s not
your grandfather’s firepit. But it could be your grandkid’s in due time.

Campy Firepit

Sleek, Modern Design

Natural smoldering looks

Unlike those archaic brick, rock, or gas firepits, Campy boasts a one-of-a-kind modern design that will make your outdoor space the envy of all your neighbors. With its sleek, clean lines and minimalist aesthetic, this firepit is guaranteed to steal the show and become the star of any gathering. Who knew function and style could blend so perfectly?.

Where to Campy

A fire any place

Don’t feel awkward about bringing a firepit to unexpected places like your friend's backyard hang or a baby shower brunch. Fear not, because with the stylish and portable Campy Firepit, it's only weird if YOU make it weird!

  • Easy-to-assemble design
  • Lays flat (easy to pack)
  • Handy handle makes portability easier

Designed to last

Steel - 100% American

Just like a bottle of fine wine or a loyal customer, our firepits only get better with age. Crafted with the finest hand-selected, hot-rolled steel, your Campy Firepit will gradually develop a unique personality and change color from a deep steel blue to a golden haze, ultimately settling into a luscious charcoal orange - the epitome of natural patina.


Safety First


It is important to use CAUTION when using your new Campy® fire pit.
Always make sure the pit is on a flat, stable surface and is at least 10 feet away from any structures or flammable materials.
Never leave the fire pit unattended, and always have a source of water nearby in case of an emergency.
It is also important to follow local laws and regulations regarding the use of outdoor fires.
Never use flammable liquids to start or accelerate the fire, and make sure the fire is fully extinguished before leaving the area.
By following these safety precautions, you can enjoy your Campy steel fire pit safely and responsibly.

Shipping & Returns



Estimated Transit Times: 5 - 7 Days

Returns: We accept returns if the fire pit has not been used, and is in original condition.
The buyer will be responsible for the shipping cost to return any items.

How does it stand up to the elements?


Like a fine wine or a fine CAMPY customer, our fire pits only get better with age. Made with hand selected, hot-rolled steel, the CAMPY will naturally gain character and change color from a deep steel blue to golden haze, eventually settling into a rich charcoal orange. Control the speed and intensity of the patina process to your liking by following the care instructions included with your order.

Is it heavy?


Yes, it is heavy. About 49 pounds (to be exact). To avoid injury always handle components with caution.

Unplug & Log off

Cheers to getting together and getting lost.